One of the most important aspects of TC3 is to connect people to community within the Church. We are able to accomplish this through four main ways: Starting Point Growth Track, TC3 Teams, LifeGroups, and Rooted. Each of these avenues allow people to not only go deeper in their faith but deeper into community and relationship within the walls of the Church.

If you are new to TC3, our Starting Point Growth Track is your first step into the life of the Church. It will provide the opportunity to see our Church from a macro perspective (our beliefs, our structure, etc.). It is the doorway into serving, LifeGroups, and our Rooted Experience.

If you have already been through the Starting Point Growth Track, the other three opportunities are incredibly important to be a part of. Serving, fellowship, and growth are paramount in a believers walk.

So, what are you waiting for? Get connect today!